Power & Electrical




Honda 7000 EUis

$225 / day

Honda 6500 EUis w/ 50 A Bates

$225 / day

Honda 6500 EUis

$150 / day

Honda 3000 EUis

$125 / day

Honda 2000 EUis

$75 / day

Honda Parallel Connector

$25 / day

Cable only

Transformer 240V to 120V

5000W 50A Bates out


Transformer only

Cam Lock Distro

Mole Richardson 600A Distro Box

Camlock Passthrough


Lex 3 Phase 100A Pagoda

3x 100A Stage Pin


Camlock 2/0 Feeder 100'

Camlock 2/0 Feeder 50'


Trico Tie In

Cam Lock Splitter

Turnaround Male to Male

Turnaround Female to Female

Bates Stage Pin 100A Distro

Mole 100A Lunchbox


Lex 100A Cinebox

100A Passthrough

Lex 100A Bento Box

Lex 100A 20A Stage Pin Box


Bates 100A Stage Pin 50'

Bates 100A Stage Pin 25'


Bates 100A to 2x 60A Splitter

Bates Stage Pin 60A Distro

Lex 60A Cinebox

60A Passthrough

Lex 60A Bento Box


Bates 60A Stage Pin 50'


Bates 60A Stage Pin 25'



Bates 60A Splitter

30A Twist Lock Genny Cable

30A Distro Box

30A 120V Genny Twist 50'


30A 120V Genny Twist 25'



240V Genny Twist 50'



240V Genny Twist 25'









* 1 Week rental = 3 billing days. 30 Day Rental = 12 billing days.


Prices and availability are subject to change without notice
Equipment and crew subject to availablility and appropriate substitutions are occasionaly required
We deliver to the Chicagoland area
First 100 vehicle miles free
For rates and availability please call (773) 455-5808
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